mad dash!

There is no time left to get out there and enjoy New York even though I had tickets to go listen to the guys who wrote Freakanomics speaking. Instead I spent the day sitting here and thinking about what it is I plan to be doing on my trip when I get back because there was so much left unplanned. So I had to:

  • Choose which road trips I was going to do. I finally settled on: Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountain High and Appalachian Trail Walk. I will probably be sick of the outdoors by then and ready to get back to some fancy hotels. I will probably need to figure out how to put up a tent before then.
  • Finalised and booked a flight home: September 4 I will arrive in Sydney, Australia.
  • Got my banking all sorted out, mail held, customs forms filled out etc.

I knew I shouldn’t have waited so long, but when there is so much I wanted to see it was kind of difficult to decide. I feel like maybe I have bitten off too much with all the camping but this seems like the perfect place for me to do it. I still need to find some temporary accommodation for my stuff for the month of August but that is a problem for a little closer to August.


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