the natural bridge

The last stop on the bus tour to Tennessee and back was to visit The Natural Bridge. It seems like there is much debate about what should be classified as one of the modern natural wonders of the world. It’s truly amazing that a cavern collapse lead to the creation of this bridge and walking underneath I just felt really small in the world. After four days I’m looking forward to not sitting on another bus for awhile. I think because it was out in the open it seemed so much more natural than the artificial lighting within the caves. But during the summer they have musical performances where they light the bridge up, just like Niagara Falls, which I would have loved to experience. The thing about visiting places is that sometimes you don’t get a chance to visit them at the time that you would like. You have to time it perfectly so that you make it there for a special event, a season or a time of day when the lighting is perfect or when the weather is perfect. Sometimes these are within your control but a lot of the times there is nothing you can do about it but just let go.


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