the joys of road tripping

We started off early while there was still a drizzle out and took the bus from New York to Shenandoah Caverns. They had some marvellous formations including a Bacon Hall, because the rock had formed in such a way that it was the most realistic fake bacon I had ever seen in rock formation. So the formations themselves were amazing, but the colourful lights were far too much for me. Every now and then they just felt like everything needed to light up like a Christmas tree and I just wanted to enjoy the plain old boring rock. Still an amazing structure that is worth seeing.

The joy part of it came hours later after I’d already been cramped into a bus and my lower spine was complaining. It was when we were headed to our hotel that we got a flat tire. This required us to wait on the bus for another 2 hours until a truck could come out and help us since we were so far in the middle of nowhere. One of the people on the bus decided to encroach on my side of the back seat by taking off his shoes and stretching out. I felt like for the first day, this was a pretty bold move because for all he knew I might have had a foot fetish.


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