revealing the magic

The last time I tried to get a Magic Souffle from Dominique Ansel I was told they didn’t have any, but I finally went back for it and it was nowhere near as magical as I thought it would be. It was really nice, but for me there was little wow factor when you compare it to the Cronut or the Waffogatto. The Waffogatto was unveiled recently and there has been some debate about whether or not he has stolen this idea. I think it just sounds delicious and I care very little for who’s idea it is. You go to a great steak house because they sell the best steak and not because they invented steak! All the elements that make a bakery are themselves not unique, but it is how they are brought together so I see very little conflict over the matter. It might become a problem if he tries to copyright the name though. Hopefully I will get the chance to try this before I leave New York.


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