easy being green

“The downside of being a woman who makes her own decisions is you also have to make good decisions.” – Mindy

I’m not convinced about the upside to eating organic, but that doesn’t stop plenty of New Yorkers heading here 3 times a week to the Union Square green market to buy milk straight from a cow or plants which will surely meet an untimely death in NY apartments. I do like that I can always pick up a hot apple cider though. Never mind the tiny little markup, when I can feel like I’m make the “better” decision.

Wanted to go to Baohaus for lunch but they were closed for a “staff meeting”. I hate it when that happens. They should tell you if they’ll be closed for all of lunch or just for an hour. So rather than waiting we decided to try The Nugget Spot for lunch. It wasn’t the worse nuggets I’ve had, but nothing special either. The service was great though. I think they just needed something extra to take the meal to the next level because the dining experience was otherwise kind of bland. Still it’s not a bad backup for when Baohaus is closed. Otherwise there is also Pie Face (yuck!) and 5 Napkin Burger (okay) around the corner.

I did a walking tour around the area on my reconnaissance trip and I remember walking by that square and thinking i was dodgy looking, watching as a dog peed in the middle of the side walk, bought some freeze dried mangoes from the same Trader Joes, and there used to be a different store which has now been replaced by the Forever 21 but Lululemon and Barnes and Nobles are still nearby. Even though it has only been 3 years since that trip my perception of the place has changed, even if the place itself hasn’t changed.


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