compromises need to be made

The worse thing about taking the DSLR anywhere is the decision about which lens to take with you. When going to Galapagos Islands I spent more time trying to answer that question than actually figuring out what other things I should pack, hence the last minute dash where I just chucked things into the suitcase. Most forums suggested taking at least 2 lenses (a telephoto and a wide angle) and then even suggested taking 2 camera bodies. This all sounds really good in the event that one camera dies, but it’s also very impractical unless you are also traveling with your own pack mule. So I decided to come at the problem by answering the question of “What kind of photo do I want to take?”. Sounds obvious, but for some people it’s photos of travel companions, sometimes it’s the landscape, sometimes it’s a photo taken in the dark etc. In this instance I wanted to stalk some animals. So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which telephoto lens to get which did not feel like I would be carrying bricks around my neck. I ended up going with the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS Lens which is a compacter version of the telephoto thanks to the use of diffraction.

When I went back to the Orchid Show this year I did not bring my macro lens because I wanted to take photos of my mum surrounded by flowers, so I had to compromise on the quality of the photos that I took of just the orchids. But what will I do for my trip next South America trip?


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