a friend of a friend

Went to a chain restaurant BonChon Chicken for dinner based on a recommendation from a friend of a friend. Surprisingly I did not get the spicy rice cakes, my go to dish for any Korean Restaurant.  Either that or BiBimBap. But the items that I will recommend will be the baked scallop and salmon avocado ball. But the chicken wings with their hot sauce is pretty good. It’s quite spicy so you’ll have to be able to handle more than your average buffalo wing. Give the kimchi coleslaw a miss. This was one instance where being adventurous with food was pretty much a fail.

I have started to really enjoy standing in the crowd at the stage door waiting for actors to leave because the conversations you hear are quite hilarious. Tonight I waited for Neil Patrick Harris after Hedwig And the Angry Inch. The show was fantastic and he looked like he had lost a lot of weight. Anyway listening to other theater buffs dissecting all the other shows that they have seen is quite hilarious. But my favourite one is last week when I went to see Cripple of Inishmaan and I overheard this conversation:

A: Did you know Kai’s mother is in a movie with Emma Watson?
B: What movie?
A: The new one about the bible.
B: Noah? Is his mum Jennifer Connelly?
A: Yep that’s the one.

Because it’s every day that you find out someone you know has a famous mother!


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