taking care

Went to see the Velocity of Autumn matinee today; a story about an elderly woman who is threatening to blow herself and a building but her youngest son comes back to visit and the entire play is about them discussing art, aging and life. Old people are funny so the dialogue is absolutely hilarious. She struggles with not wanting to let others help her because she remembers this time when she was so independent as she traveled the world and then she also struggles with the fact that her body doesn’t allow her to help herself. So you feel throughout the whole play like she’s being irrational. But it’s moments like that which make me hope that I do not live to that point because it looks like far too much suffering. I definitely don’t promote the idea of suicide, I am merely stating that if fate in anyway has anything to do with it that my old age will hopefully not become a drawn out affair.

On a less depressing note I have been busy making a list of all the places that I want to visit. I think I will be doing a West Coast tour of the national parks, a stop over in Texas and probably Portland as well. Although the more exciting item on the list is going to be that I plan to apply for that UK Visa as soon as I’m back in Sydney. I have decided not to rush into work again, I am just going to travel and see where it takes me. There are still two continents that I have to visit. While my chances of getting to Antarctica are slim, I would like to get to Africa before I turn 30.


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