let’s forget about the hunt

I’m a little flummoxed right now because when I put my underwater camera in my luggage, on my way back from Ecuador, I decided that I would be okay with losing the camera if I didn’t lose my memory card as well. Hence I put the memory card somewhere, and I have no idea where it is! I feel like my mother right now. Except my mother would not be sitting in the squalor that is the current state of my apartment and refuse to do anything about it. I’ve been very good about having coffee, going for long walks around the city looking for decorated eggs, sleeping, making lists, going to shows and avoiding all the things I should be doing like applying for jobs and cleaning the apartment.

Avenue Q by the way is hilarious! Because we’re all a little bit racist and sometimes I wish America was a little less PC about it. I may have forgotten to mention that this show has muppets. What is not to love about it? It’s rude and hilarious. It is off-broadway and maybe because it has been running for so long the theater was mostly empty, this made me a little sad because I think this is the only show I’ve ever watched where the theater was so empty.


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