on the side

Quito is a very visually interesting city. It’s surrounded by and sitting on the side of mountains and volcanoes. Today we went up to a lookout with marvelous views of the lookout (with a guide!) and walked around the old town of Quito where you can see the beautiful Spanish architecture and there is the most gaudy church I have ever seen. Inside everything has been plastered in gold leaf and there are cherub heads everywhere, just the heads. I always feel weirded out about visiting churches when I travel, but this one is definitely going to be memorable.

Today is the last day I will be spending on this trip and my Spanish is still as horrible as when it started. Went into a chicken store and not knowing for the word for chicken wing there was only one thing left to do. This is why the person who invented the chicken dance was clearly a genius. For future reference, the word is el ala.


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