different sky

Yes, the lack of buildings blocking the view of the horizon definitely makes for a far more appealing sunrise. But my comment about the sky is more about the night sky. There aren’t enough lights there to dim the light of the stars, so it’s possible to see the constellations as clearly as if they were a map on your phone. Because of the placement of Ecuador on the equator you can see the stars in the Southern and Northern hemispheres. I got a great view each night of the Southern Cross and Orion’s Belt. Kind of like having the best of both worlds.

It was sad saying goodbye to Isabela since Santa Cruz while having a livelier town with more restaurants and shops does not cater as well to animal watching. The best entertainment on the island actually came for free. It was feeding time at the fish market and the pelicans and sea lions knew it. The fishermen would gut the fish with one swift plunge and pull of their knife and then throw the guts over their shoulder and the pelicans would go berserk. It’s little wonder that so many of them had damaged beaks. And there was this lone sea lion just sitting there waiting and getting nothing. But there was a ninja sea lion who came up from the back of the pack trying to blend in with the pelicans and then waiting until the fishermen were distracted before leaping on the table and stealing a fish for his dinner.


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