twenty five

Phantom of the Opera is Broadway’s longest running production. And one of today’s headlines revolved around the casting of the first black actor lead in this beloved musical. It’s great that we are progressing to the point where just because it wasn’t written so or expected at the time, this does not mean we cannot move beyond our initial judgments. I have fond memories of this musical because it was the first show I ever saw, at the tender age of 12, at the Sydney Opera House. I can’t draw any comparison from this performance to the one that I saw as a child. My memory really isn’t that great.

I managed to get seats in the orchestra so that if I slightly lifted myself off the my chair I got a glimpse at the orchestra pit. And it made me think about the balcony seats. In many productions I think the balcony has to be one of the worst seats since part of the stage is obstructed. But at the same time being in a private booth has a certain mystery and air of elitism that makes it the best seat in the house as well. This was one of the largest theatres I’ve been to and it was a packed house. I will say that I perhaps I did not appreciate the romanticism of the story as much as others in the crowd did. I swear I hear sniffling.


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