full circle

Finally visited the Frick Collection today, one of the museums on my must-visit list. The Frick Collection is the private home of Henry Clay Frick and the art work that is on display is all from his private collection. It’s a very small museum, but seeing the pieces that one person has chosen for their own enjoyment is pretty interesting. Great collection of clocks and watches if you’re interested, and you get to see the inside of a mansion in Manhattan.

Before making it the museum we had brunch at Alice’s Tea Cup where I had the Birthday (and Unbirthday) tea and the Mad Morning Tea. The pumpkin scone and tea was delicious. I’m definitely coming back for the sandwiches because they look delicious. But next time I’ll be making a reservation because a wait on the weekend can range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Brunch was very exciting because there was a private party going on and they had a psychic who was doing readings for all the guests.

Before I decided if I was going to come to NY I went and saw a psychic, just for kicks (and not because that is how I make all my important life decisions). The psychic said that I would go to New York and I would spend more than two years there but less than three. She said while I was there I would be promoted. That when it came to deciding if I should leave New York I would find the decision to leave difficult because of a guy. Not necessarily because of a romantic relationship. She said that I’ve already met the one and he’s in Sydney. I’m not big on on superstition and I’m not putting a lot of faith on the fact that I’ve already met the one and that he’s in Sydney but I will say that everything else has come true. Listening to the psychic today was pretty hilarious though, so I can only imagine what my reading would have sounded like to a stranger.


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