relocation checklist

When I moved to NYC there was a checklist, I used to slave over which item I would check off that list. But since no one has handed me a checklist this time I’ve had to make up my own list:


  • Complete US Tax for 2013
  • Remove money from 401(k) – sure I’ll pay a penalty but there is no chance I’m retiring in the US.
  • Look into keeping US bank accounts open with Australian address. Figure out how much money I think I will need to keep in there to cover unexpected costs.
  • Look into the cheapest option for converting bulk of US dollars into Australian dollars, any tax implications with exchange rates or limitations?
  • Apply for a sailing permit.
  • Find an Australian tax agent who specialises in doing international tax to do Australian Tax for 2013 because Australia refuses to sync up their financial year with the rest of the world.

Moving stuff:

  • Getting in-house estimates from international movers.
  • Getting rid of unwanted goods – eBay, Salvation Army, Craigslist, friends of friends.
  • Deciding what stuff I don’t want sent by ship because I will need in the short term future and where I will store it.
  • Arrange to have everything moved out to arrive within a week or two of when you plan to get to Australia. And make sure you haven’t let them take your passport or any other REALLY important documents.

Breaking the lease:

  • I’m lucky in that I will be able to see out my existing lease without any issues since it will line up with when I actually plan to leave.
  • Getting security deposit back – cleaning, getting a check back?
  • Cancel Internet, Telephone, Cable, Electricity, Water.
  • Cancel subscriptions
  • If you are getting annoying junk mail from Discover, Chase etc. there is a phone number you can call that will stop all of that annoying mail.
  • Work out the cost of having mail redirected to Australia.

Book flight home (wherever home is). Decide: Date? Business or economy? Where to layover? Then find temporary accommodation in NY.

Organise ‘The Goodbye’. As much as I hate the Goodbye – the awkward hug, the possible tears, the regret etc. I used this opportunity before I left Brisbane to eat A LOT. How do I top sandcrab lasagna and three cup chicken?

Once back in the land of Oz?

  • Need to check – electoral roll address, Medicare, health insurance, phone number, drivers license.
  • Getting a job – contact recruiters etc.
  • Figure out a living situation because living with my mother is a very temporary solution.

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