subway tips

One of the things I will miss about NYC is the subway. A 24 hour marvel that sometimes doesn’t work, but usually it does. So best to focus on the 90%.

  1. Subway entrances are marked by green “globes”. There are a few red “globes” and these are the ones that you will need a Metrocard for before you get down there because you won’t be able to purchase one down there and they are not open 24 hours. Sometimes it also means they are exit-only entrances. So best to steer clear of these and just look for a green globe.
  2. Pay attention because some entrances are one directional and you will have to pay to enter again to get to the other direction.
  3. Great for getting uptown and downtown, but your best bet for cross town is to hike it or get on the bus.
  4. The white dots on the map are express stops.
  5. Subway etiquette is a must – don’t eat, seating is a priority for those who need it, don’t lean on the pole, don’t block the doors etc. You will get yelled at.
  6. Don’t stare. New Yorkers will yell at you.
  7. Carry hand sanitizer.

I was on the E and the lady with the suitcase wanted to get to JFK on the Downtown train. When I told her she needed the Uptown train she did not believe me, so I left her on the platform. Best advice would be to look at a map!


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