why a girl who travels would never date YOU

A friend shared this link on Facebook a while ago and I think it should have been re-titled to: “Why a girl a who travels would never date YOU”.

  1. She doesn’t need you. Chances are she knows how to budget and is financially independent, make her own friends, reads a map, changes a tire, knows enough Spanish to order a meal and fudge her way through picking a wine from the wine list.
  2. She doesn’t want you holding her back. When there is an airline sale (or whenever she gets bored) she likes the option of knowing that she can use her vacation days at the drop of a hat to see what else is out there and doesn’t want to have to explain that to you or ask you where YOU would like to go. Chances are she doesn’t care what YOU want to do.
  3. She is already bored of you. She has met many types of people, tried lots of different foods and been on many adventures. Some are good and some are bad. But each time it has to be different, and chances are she will get bored with being with you every day living the normal life.
  4. She won’t settle. She might be calm enough to weather the storm of food poisoning, psychotic bus drivers or being stranded but chances are she’s got high and unrealistic expectations which she is okay with not fulfilling, but reaching for them is all part of the journey.

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