not my kind of forever lifestyle

Driving along a freeway, all you see are these huge trees along either side. These trees hide – mangroves and crocodiles, resorts, villages without a 24 hour pharmacy and natural sinkholes. Every now and then the freeway diverges and the slower road then leads you into your resort. From this resort you don’t see the outside world at all. It’s a world filled with all you can eat pizza and ice cream and all you can drink piña coladas. I have mentioned before how I’m not really the “relaxing” or “relaxed” type of person, so resorts really aren’t my thing. But the pull of sunshine and sitting on the beach was too strong. So here I am living this resort lifestyle that does not come easy to me at all. Because I know outside those walls there exists more to see and do. Like to go to Chichen Itza and learn about the history and symbology behind this structure. The Mayan calendar has 20 days for 18 months. There are 9 steps separated down the middle by the stairs represent the 18 months. The 91 steps on each side and the platform on the top represent the 365 days in the calendar. What surprised me most was how “small” the structure is compared to the Pyramids of Giza, but how “big” it seems.


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