stop, it’s coffee time

When I first got to NY I pretty much gave up on finding a good cup of coffee, so I’m glad that someone has put some effort into this. Now, if they have an app out there, I will be extremely impressed. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten any volunteers to help me try out every single coffee joint. I can however vouch for a few of these coffee places since they are somewhere near the path connecting my apartment to my place of work.

  • Zibetto was for ages my go to, definitely one of the best lattes I’ve had.
  • Fika was another go to, but it wasn’t always a consistent in its quality.
  • Macchiato I’ve only visited once but the coffee took ages to make and it was cold.
  • Ground Central is a really hip kind of place, very good latte as well.
  • Gregorys is a place I’ve recently discovered and they have the best cortado I’ve had so far. Today it was a little too strong for me.
  • Nespresso is a nice place to go to sit down and eat some elegant cakes while sipping on a coffee you could have made at home?
  • La Colombe Torrefaction has a rustic kind of vibe, but I don’t remember the coffee being memorable. It was clearly okay for a weekend coffee.
  • Bluestone Lane has a mild flat white, the kind that you could easily have two of and not feel buzzed but you will still enjoy the taste.
  • Laughing Man, it might be partly the hype of Hugh Jackman but it does serve a very good coffee and a decent tea selection as well.

They did however leave Little Collins off the map, so I’m not sure if this map is accurate at all. But eventually I will make it to each coffee shop on this map. Which is a far more achievable goal than trying to get to every single coffee shop in NYC.


[Updated 2/15/2013]: this map includes Little Collins


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