off track

So today did not go according to plan. I knew last night I was already off course and that I would not be making my original flight back to New York in time for work and then heading off to see Jersey Boys. This was the plan. Landing in Charlotte to find that I was stuck there overnight was not part of the plan. At this point I contemplated just sitting in the airport for over 12 hours waiting to see if my flight will fly out tomorrow. In the end I decided that waiting sounded pretty boring so I got on a bus and headed to Uptown Charlotte where I discovered that there really is not a whole lot going on in Charlotte. Like the normal people were all hiding indoors and all the weirdos (like me) were hanging out at the bus stops. So Charlotte clearly isn’t much of a tourist attraction other than the NASCAR Hall of Fame (if you enjoy that kind of thing). But it seemed unusually quiet, but perhaps it was also an unusually cold day in Charlotte. So this day ends with my epic 12 hour bus ride back to NYC starting with me sitting in an empty diner by a highway waiting for the bus about 40 minutes away from Uptown Charlotte.


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