tasting menu

For my cousins 30th birthday we went to a restaurant with a 20 course tasting menu and I spend the next hour hanging my head outside the window so I wouldn’t hurl in the car even though it was snowing outside. So I was a bit unsure of how I would go with the tasting menu at Le Bernadin. I had tried a few weeks ago to get a reservation and was told the nearest reservation wasn’t until the end of January but on Wednesday I had decided to go browsing for tasting menu options because I wanted to give my sister a spectacular dining experience at one of the 3 Michelin starred restaurants in NYC. I ended up surprising myself because I enjoyed it far more than I expected after my last experience. The tuna dish was amazing and such a stand out dish. I would go back just to order that dish. Each dish was presented in an almost minimalist fashion but they sure packed a punch of flavour which I was not expecting. If you enjoy seafood and the experience of eating then this is an amazing place to go for that foodgasm.


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