no rest for the wicked

Off to Orlando, Florida early on a Saturday morning where we’ll land, check-in and hit Universal Studios. After a 2 day break in between Toronto and Orlando, I’m starting to feel the strain of traveling. Perhaps I’ve cured myself of the travel bug? It would be nice to just do nothing for a few days, but I know my time with my sister is short and I don’t want to have come all this way and not experienced all of this. Even if it’s just the experience of the overload of way too much.

Still, this will be December ticked off the list. The first New Year’s resolution that I have ever managed to resolve – to travel to a new city each month in 2013.

January - Boston

January – Boston

February - Toronto

February – Toronto

March - Montreal

March – Montreal

April - Las Vegas

April – Las Vegas and Grand Canyon National Park

May - New Orleans

May – New Orleans

June - Los Angeles

June – Los Angeles

July - Seattle

July – Seattle and Mt Rainier National Park

August - Chicago

August – Chicago

September - Salt Lake City

September – Salt Lake City and Yellowstone National Park

October - Albuquerque

October – Albuquerque

November - London, Edinburgh, Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath

November – London, Edinburgh, Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath

December - Orlando

December – Orlando

So, how do I top this in 2014? The aim will be to visit a new city each month still, but each quarter that city must also be in a new country. January is fast approaching so I feel like I should lock something in soon. At the moment it’s a toss up between Austin and Miami and it will probably be a weekend trip.


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