the crawl

Almost two weeks ago I had come up with a plan to try some of New York City’s best doughnuts. It was a beautiful autumn day – actually pretty cool and blue skies despite the early rain. So the results went …

  1. Dough, Dulce de Leche – The dough was so soft and fluffy, the frosting was nowhere near as sweat as one would expect. The almond flakes topped this one off beautifully. It was a long trek to get there, but I definitely plan to go back for some of their other flavours – Apple Jam, Hibiscuis, Cocoa Nibs etc.
  2. Doughnut Plant, Tres Leches – A small cake-like doughnut which is quite dense but with a really unique flavouring of a Spanish milk cake.
  3. Peter Pan Bakery, Red Velvet – Also a very unique cake-like doughnut. I love Red Velvet cake, but this had a really nice texture to it.
  4. Dun-Well Doughnuts, Cinnamon Sugar – Another fluffy doughnut, but the dough tasted kind of strange. Still not sure what the flavouring. Still a very cool kind of place.
  5. The Donut Pub, Jelly doughnut – My first ever jelly filled doughnut. It was a good doughnut still.

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