there are lines

am i a dot on the map of the world?
just a spot on the map of the world?
when i imagine the whole universe,
oh, where do i fit in?

I have complained before about how much New Yorkers love a good line. I hate lining up, but I managed to convince a friend that getting up at 05:00 for a salted dulce de leche cronut was a good idea. “Just to see what the hype is all about” I said. I will say it was delicious. I will probably stand in line again when my sister comes to visit, but apart from that I probably wouldn’t line up again for a cronut, and I would not pay a scalper for one. You stand in line and then you’re only allowed to purchase two of these babies. But it was a lot of fun to sit in “the garden” sipping hot apple cider and enjoying a cronut – the flaky goodness of a croissant, with the crisp of a donut on the outside and a salted caramel icing and then filled with ribbons of caramel and cream.


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