don’t look up

I saw these bird poop several times, narrowly missing people passing by. That describes today quite well. Quite shitty. But I think the photo turned out quite well.

I am feeling a little anxious about my future in NYC, not that I ever thought this would be long-term. I just hoped that I would have more control over my decision to leave. I feel like I used to be a better planner, that I should be sitting down and weighing up pros and cons, figuring out my budget, thinking about how much money I need to save so alleviate the uncertainty. Instead I just want to curl up and read my book.

But at the same time, my attitude from July 9 is finally being tested and validated. We are at the point now where a decision is going to be made for us and people are starting to realise that the deadline for their bucket list is possibly nearer than they think and it’s kind of too late. We can never get back the time we spent saying that “we will always have tomorrow” because each day spent thinking that was one day closer to this day. It will be interesting to see how people decide to live their lives.


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