control freak

redefining competence as “helping others to do great work,” instead of “doing great work all by myself.”

There’s this girl at work, and I’ve always thought she was weird but I have come to realisation that she’s not only incompetent she also lacks an initiative or drive to learn. You give her a problem to solve and it takes her a REALLY long time to process the problem. Which is fine because there are many reasons why that happens. But then she asks you how to solve the problem, she wants to know if there is a checklist for how to solve the problem. Not every problem can be plugged into the same fucking formula! She doesn’t seem to understand this and it frustrates me to the point where I just want to scream.

The fact that people can get through 15 years of schooling and not know how to use their brain seriously shocks me. School isn’t about how many formulas and dates you can remember. It’s about having the life skills to present an argument, to logically apply reason and make inductions and inferences. By the time you’re done no one cares if you know what “wherefore” means in “wherefore art thou Romeo” (by the way, it’s not “where”) or whether or not you have remembered the quadratic formula. I’m not saying that knowledge isn’t important, but knowledge itself is so easily accessible these days. It’s about how you gain and apply knowledge.


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