chasing unicorns

One of the blogs I follow, Wendy’s Lookbook, recently had a post about chasing unicorns. It’s an amazing fashion blog, and I would totally want to raid her closet. She makes pieces that I would never have looked at actually look wearable and far more interesting than I can imagine. Throw in an interesting and sincere voice and a passion for photography and you have a pretty darn good blog. I completely understood the concept of chasing after the perfect photo. There are definitely days where I am completely uninspired and I’m not happy at all with the photo I’ve taken, but there are other days where everything just works out and the photo I wanted to take is exactly what it should be.

I took this photo from a moving bus and the light was right so my reflection couldn’t be seen in the window, the road was in the right position so that Antelope Island aligned with the Salt Lake and the dandelions to capture exactly what I saw. And the sky was magnificent. And in the moment that I took the photo, without even seeing it I knew the this was the photo. I knew it had captured my desire to escape into vastness, away from the city and just into the distance. It was a the memory that I wanted to remember the day by.


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