fat pig!

When coming back from the reconnaissance trip I heard rave reviews about Fette Sau, where you buy smoked BBQ meat by weight so when my cousin (who LOVES food) is in town we just had to go.

Between the four of us we got a pound of pork belly, half a pound of brisket and half a pound of the pulled pork. And this was more than enough. But standing in line and breathing in the aromas, it’s very easy to want to go overboard. Usually I am a huge fan of pork belly, but I thought the pork belly was a bit on the dry side so my favourite was actually the brisket. I would have gladly devoured just half a pound of brisket.

I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves their meat. It’s a pretty low key establishment – no fancy tablecloth or table service, you get disposable plates and the meat comes served on an aluminium tray. They do serve Mexican Coca Cola, so that’s also a plus in my book.


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