prohibition and inhibition

This is most likely the closest I’ll ever come to a bar crawl. And we did it in style as well, cruising around lower Manhattan in a limousine. So the next time I see a limousine I am going to remember that the odds of it being Madonna are really slim. For this speakeasy crawl we made it to Bathtub Gin, The Back Room and Experimental Cocktail Club. And in between we drank champagne.

Bathtub Gin had a really great cocktail selection and I enjoyed my Ruby Pearl cocktail. It was also the only one of the three places which served food. We sat next to the copper bathtub that they used to serve gin out of. This joint had a coffee shop as a front and it just had a really cool vibe. I’d definitely go back.

The Back Room had a bookshelf which hides the actual back room which is only for VIPs and the cocktails are served in tea cups and coffee mugs. The music was all wrong, but the decor was amazing. I had the Murders Inc, and I probably wouldn’t have that one again. But none of the drinks really struck my fancy.

When we arrived at Experimental Cocktail Club, we actually had to stand in a line. It is quite possible that it was just midnight, but it was quite a queue. The drinks were definitely interesting. I had the Wimbledon Milk Punch which is supposed to be inspired by strawberries and cream I think, which wasn’t bad. Although it had the look of a speakeasy, the 60’s music really threw me. By this point I was starting to feel old age (and alcohol) catching up with me because all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep.

Overall, I had a great night getting dressed up and painting the town various shades of red.


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