there you are!

The blinding light at the end of the tunnel. My tax check has finally arrived. Well, it’s one of them.  I’m not quite sure which one. The brilliant American tax system means that we all get taxed on the federal level as well as on the state level because the states cannot agree on income tax and on their goods and services tax. When all else fails, there is this handy thing that mathematicians will refer to. It’s called the mean. At the end of the day knowing how much of the tax I pay goes where does not affect me at all. Just take the amount out and then give it back to me at the of the tax year. It’s always been a very simple process for me. I don’t know much about the Australian tax system either, but it’s always been a very simple process for me to fill out e-tax. I cannot believe in just over five months I will have to go through the ordeal of filing my taxes again. I have no idea if I even filled out the tax form correct last year, and you want me to do this again? E-tax isn’t available here, but you can buy a kit from one of the many tax agents around with a “simplified” tax form you’re supposed to be able to fill in, but it’s probably made for people with “simple” situations. Not the kind of situation which allows you to fill out all the questions but not lodge it online. Instead you pay to send it to the IRS. Do you think it made a difference for them whether they read it on their computer screen or as a hardcopy?


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