what if you had to leave tomorrow?

In some ways I have the next few months planned out, but in other ways I feel like there are endless possibilities. I know my colleagues remark on how much I’ve been traveling, and I think it only fuels the rumours that I am going to be leaving when my two years is up. But truth is I have no idea. For me, it has always been about the work. I might complain about the people I work with, the policies and the Dilbert-like dysfunctions. But I like my actual job. So it’s always been about whether or not I will still be enjoying my job in 2, 6 or 20 months.

I’ve been in the situation where you start to get comfortable, and you live every day like it’s routine. You think you’re going to have forever to make that road trip up the coast, or see that rainforest or that rock in the middle of the country because it’s so close. And I had years of opportunity and I didn’t take them. Tomorrow I could leave and be content with the fact that I have experienced living in New York and traveling around North America. That’s not to say that there isn’t more to experience and see. It’s more about not taking for granted the opportunity I have right now because time goes by so quick and before I realise it I could wake up and see how little I have accomplished.

“There’s no rush” is how everyone feels, but when you start to think that way you end up doing very little and you end up basing your decision on how much or little you have accomplished rather than on how you actually feel. And the doing part, it feels real good.


One thought on “what if you had to leave tomorrow?

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