last day here

Last day in Seattle, so what did I do? I had to eat as much as possible. I think I must have also had four different cups of coffee, none of which were at a Starbucks. Pike Place Market is pretty amazing, lots of different types of food – candies, sausages, breads. There’s so much to look at, but it gets particularly crowded around lunch time so have your elbows at the ready.

Another highlight of my trip was the Museum of Flight, watching fighter pilots and astronauts training. If you have any interest in war planes, it’s definitely worth a visit. It made me remember how much simpler life was as a kid when you thought maybe someday you would want to be the kind of person who flies planes to exotic places. Why does maybe someday have to be here already? It makes the rest of my life feel so pedestrian.

And onto other business I needed to take care? Finally got my hair coloured. It’s finally dark again. When I saw the photo I had taken of myself at the Museum of Flight I realised just how light my hair had gotten. I didn’t even recognise myself in that photo. I am actually looking forward to when my hair goes back to natural because then I won’t have to worry about the colour fading. Although I must admit that I enjoy having blue hair. I am just getting a little over the maintenance phase.


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