counting down the days

My younger sister is coming to visit at the end of November! So I am counting down the days and making all sorts of lists. She’s going to be here for a month so it will be nice to share Thanksgiving and Christmas with family this year. I’ve already thought of the possibility of us spending Thanksgiving in London this year, because I do need to get my Visa renewed by January. Since I have to leave the country, it might as well be to somewhere I haven’t been yet and would really like to go to. Then I thought I would take an extra week and we could visit another European city, but there are so many to choose from that I can’t decide where to go. However to keep my sister entertained I’ve made lists of free things she can do while I’m at work and food places is a must. I have started to find that when I travel if I haven’t looked up where I’m going to eat ahead of time with some backups I always end up being a little disappointed with my choices. Say’s the girl, who spent $90 on pizza while in Paris.


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