animal cruelty

I don’t love animals enough to stop eating them, but I don’t go out of my way to kick puppies. I would love to have a dog, but when I think about the lives they have in Manhattan I just think it’s cruel. Without someone at how to walk them and play with them they’re cooped up in small apartments all day. And in summer the air conditioner needs to be kept on otherwise they would just get heat stroke. But it’s not the dogs in the city that I feel sorry for. I wonder about the lives of the horses. Ms Fiona likes to imagine the horses being let loose to gallop throughout Central Park at night, but I imagine the horses are worked hard for however many years before they retire to some paddock somewhere. The horses are stabled in the city over on 50th St and 9th Ave I think it is. Somewhere around there because it smells like a stable! At least the horses get fresh air though as they pull carriages along and are ridden. But I can’t imagine horses being well suited to roads. Maybe I would feel differently if they were cobble stoned roads and we were back in the good old days.


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