daylight saving makes a big difference

I do like that at 8 pm the sun is still out. Clearly I’m not making the most of being indoors while the pigeons are outside. But it feels almost like I’m having my afternoon nap when I get home and have a little nap before dinner. I don’t know why I’ve started to do this, but after lunch and just before it gets dark really is the worse time for me. I’ve tried going to the gym and snacking but nothing seems to perk me up. If Queensland won’t change to daylight saving for the cows, I feel like we could change my work hours just for me as well.

As the days get longer restaurants are starting to bring the sidewalk tables back and open their windows wide, and dinners are getting later. I do enjoy that about living right in the middle of this city. It’s completely different to sitting in a restaurant out the back with “mood lighting”.


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