the sofa bed

Over the last year I’ve had people stop by in Manhattan and spend a night to several nights on this sofa bed. It’s not the worst bed I’ve ever slept on. I’ve actually slept on there a lot just because it’s closer to the TV than my loft bed is, but now I’ve actually given up on cable TV. Instead I now stick to internet TV – Hulu and Netflix.

I’m coming up to one year since I’ve been in my new apartment and it is time for me to decide if I want to renew my lease. It’s hard enough to make this decision without me questioning if I will make it through New York for the next year. But when your rent goes up by more than $30/week and people around you are telling you that this is standard you start to see how the rest of the city has become indoctrinated. There is nothing normal about this. 


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