I wore my new lip gloss because my ex-boyfriend’s wife looks like Isabella freaking Rossellini and I’m like, me.

Tonight was the company annual dinner and in order to force people to socialise we all sat at tables with people we didn’t really know. One of the people who sat at my table was one of the partners who own the company. Luckily I would not describe the partners as being socially awkward, considering that I work with so many people who are, this is a surprise. So we did get into a conversation about favourite American cities. Good thing I’ve been traveling or I wouldn’t have much to say. The dinner was inside the lobby of MoMa. Nice location, but with so many people in there it was difficult to converse with anyone who wasn’t sitting right next to you.

It was also a good excuse to suit up, but I wasn’t in the mood to dress up. So I got myself some new lipstick instead and it had to match my hair. Quite a difficult process especially since apparently I have way too many clothes which match my hair.


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