are you lucky?

Recently some people at work had to do a personality quiz and I was asked to fill out a questionnaire on their behalf by choosing from a list the adjectives which describe them. One of the ones on the list was the word “lucky”. I don’t think of people generally as being lucky/unlucky. So mostly I chose “no” for this one. And when I told this person that I had chose no, he tried to tell me that he was lucky because he didn’t die from food poisoning. I asked him if a roomful of other people died from food poisoning and he was the only one who didn’t? Which did not happen. I’m not convinced he understood what it meant to be lucky.

I went to see Lucky Guy tonight, which has Tom Hanks in it. And the idea was that he happened to be in the right place allowing him to launch his journalism career. I guess to me luck implies there is a small probability that something will occur. Very few people are lucky. But maybe the size of the probability has nothing to do with it and it is all about being in the right place at the right time. I would say I’m lucky. I was born in Australia; what could be better than that? Straight out of uni I applied for a vague job description which I didn’t think I would get and this led me to move to Brisbane. There I bought an apartment, met some great friends, fell in love with trail running and had the opportunity to move to New York.


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