who are you calling little?

I appreciate that so many stores here do have petite sizes, because it means I don’t have to get so many of my clothes hemmed. I think I realised how I’m saving so much money though. I think it’s the fact that I haven’t been spending so much of my pay on clothes! But clearly I have enough if people keep asking me “is that new” on items of clothing I bought years ago.

H&M currently have this program going on to promote recycling fashion. Funny considering that they make so much money from producing disposable fashion. But by bringing in clothes to recycle, they will give you a discount on their clothes. Do they not realise that thrift stores have been around for quite a while now? I am quite a fan of browsing through thrift stores. When I stop to think about it as used, it does ick me out a bit but that is what washing machines are for, right? But I think it’s the act of discovery that interests me the most.


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