The thing about spending most of your days working with other Australians is that you continue to sound pretty much Australian. You don’t have to worry about the possibility that you might go over to the dark side. At least I hope so. Some people have started to say that others have mentioned that they are starting to sound a bit American. I don’t know if I’ve been deluding myself or people are just going crazy. A few months ago I met this girl who I went to uni with and she had spent the last 4 years in England and she has the most horrifyingly snobbish English accent. The fact that she was always a snob probably didn’t help. But I hope that this does not happen to me. I can’t say I have the most bogan accent, but I quite like whatever it is. I need to stop talking to Americans!


One thought on “exotic

  1. When I am overseas, I become fiercely protective of my Australian accent. I wear it like a protective shield because everyone seems to love Australians, for an unknown reason. But when I’m at home, I slip into all sorts of accents, depending on who I’m speaking to. I can’t help it—I respond to others’ accents. So sometimes I sound a bit bogan, other times a bit posh, etc.

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