the backlog

I am at that point where I have so many thing that I say I will do at some point that the list of things is now unmanageable. I have personal emails dating back to the 5th of February which I haven’t responded to yet. I have piles of laundry of which need to be folded, dry cleaned or actually laundered. I have piles of books I need to read. Stacks of receipts I need to file/shred. Boxes I need to buy cards and packing tape for and actually post. Toilet paper that needs to be bought before I start using tissue paper. My personal life is such chaos at the moment and the list of things I have to do at work is equally long, if not longer. The list of things I have to accomplish is not getting any shorter because I’m not applying the simple principle of “don’t do tomorrow, what you can do today”. This is the simplest way to get things done and it all comes down to procrastination. So this weekend I need to tackle that list before I go insane, or run out of toilet paper.


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