notes to my future self

Littered around my apartment are postcards that I’ve sent myself, with notes of things I want to achieve in the future. Some of them are hidden, and some of them are placed out in the open. My way of decorating. On one of them is the start of the list of all the places I will visit this year. So my list so far:

January – Boston, MA, USA
February – Toronto, ON, Canada
March – Montreal. QC, Canada (flights and hotel booked for Easter!)
April – some Caribbean island
May – Dallas, TX, USA
June – New Orleans, LA, USA
July – somewhere in Hawaii
August – Chicago, IL, USA
September – Las Vegas, NV, USA
October – Orlando, FL, USA
November – Scotland, Ireland and England trip
December – Seattle, WA, USA and Vancouver, BC, Canada

I want to fit in a trip to Arizona, Alaska and Colorado somewhere as well.


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