landing in toronto

Boy was surprised when I got to this airport. I was the only person on this plane to get pulled out to go through the “special” customs line and the conversation went:

Why are you in Toronto? I’m visiting my cousin, it’s her 30th birthday.
How long are you in Toronto? 4 days.
Have you been to Canada before? No.
What’s in your luggage? Clothes, a pair of shoes, toiletries, a laptop, a book.
Okay. You can head on through.

Nice to know that on a plane with 80 people, I was the most suspicious looking person.

Toronto so far has been filled with lots of yummy food. And it’s cold. And apparently the buildings are stocky (i.e. shorter than NY buildings).


2 thoughts on “landing in toronto

    • there was no problem other than the fact that all this happened extremely slowly and he stared at me lot. no paperwork, nothing exciting. it was just weird. clearly i was the most exciting thing that happened so far because he was in absolutely no rush.

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