last minute packing

I’m usually a very good packer. Suffering from a cold and just wanting to fall asleep while worrying about work has left me a little bit frazzled. To the point where I just shoved things into a suitcase instead of rolling everything up nicely into a carry on bag, which is what I would usually do for a 4 day trip. How much clothing does one need for 4 days? Not enough for a suitcase.

I hate being sick, but being sick as you’re leaving for a trip is the worse thing imaginable. Sick days are for days when you have to go to work. I was sick just before I left for Australia as well, and it’s all because of people at work. If you’re sick, stay at home people! Or if you are sick, at least have the decency to stay away from people and cough on your own fucking keyboard. I don’t sit there and congratulate you on being tough enough to come into work while you look like shit. All I am thinking about is how incredibly gross you look and how I wish you would stay away from me. So next time I see a sick person at work I will be giving them a piece of my mind because it’s always the same people who get sick and start these chains of sick people! Bastards.


2 thoughts on “last minute packing

  1. I hear you. I worked sick once, but I hid in my office on my own. I think it’s really pathetic for individuals to think they’re so important that others won’t manage without them. Get over yourselves, people!

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