sick as a dog

I was once told that women become exceptionally vulnerable when they are sick and that is when they start feeling quite sad about how alone they are, apparently this can happen to the strongest of women. Clearly this person has never met a man. This is the same person I will soon be working with. These ideals will soon start to drive me quite mad. I’ve never hated anyone I’ve worked with socially before; I might not have liked their behaviour, but I have not hated. Usually we have different work styles or they have some character flaw I don’t quite like but I’ve never disliked someone for what they believe in. What kind of loser thinks that being single means that your biggest fear is dying in your apartment and having a cat eat your face? Or that being single means spending every moment sitting at home contemplating how lonely you are? Or that being a woman means you can’t put together IKEA furniture? Does the absence of these things make me a man, because single men clearly don’t have this problem.

How do you explain that you hate someone for being so pathetically sad and weak? People understand when you dislike douche bags and other arrogant SOBs. But when you say you dislike someone who is this tragically naive, pathetic figure, people think you should just feel pity.


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