My cactus really isn’t looking too good. I think it’s still hanging in there despite the fact that I forgot to water it last week. Like the cactus adapting to the harsh environment, I also feel like I am adapting to the cold; with a changed perception of “cold”. Maybe this comes down to the fact that I do get a secret thrill when it snows. But some days when it is only 1 degree outside I will have my jacket half zipped and the smallest amount of sunshine can make my day. But when I first got here anything below 10 degrees and I would wimper.

For anyone looking for non-Australian winter jacket I can’t recommend The North Face Tremaya parka enough. It is so warm, and for a ridiculous puffy jacket it still has a nice shape, enough length that when worn with boots you are definitely well covered and a faux fur trim that sort of protects your face from the wind. Plus it’s waterproof and can be washed in the washing machine. For an autumn (or Australian winter) there is always the Cue woolen jackets I bought. I can’t wait for the new winter line since I’m already adoring the velvet dresses that are available online.


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