I need to get to the post office. These shoes (and the Christmas presents I promised) are still just sitting there. The thing that is stopping me is that the post office is such an ordeal. If the line isn’t out the door, you need to be extremely specific with the custom form – how much of it do you have in there and how much did it cost? They also don’t like it when you have things written on the box other than the address etc. But yet all the companies who’s boxes you reuse all have things written on them. Plus I seem to have misplaced my packing tape. I am annoyed with myself at my own laziness since it is now approaching mid-February. Most of those presents are now more than 2 months old. I need to be more organised. It was so much easier when I was home for events like Christmas and birthdays. What needs to happen is that Amazon needs to be as cheap and have the variety to deliver to Australia that I can get from within the USA, this would solve my gifting woes.


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