I had a bit of a shock yesterday afternoon when all the shipping notification emails started rolling in and I realised that I really had done that much damage on Sunday night. The Advil made me do it! Now that I’m staring at the huge pile of boxes, I think I’m still in shock. The groceries were necessary! The coke, probably not so much.

My doormen have to put up with me ordering a lot of food and receiving lots of packages. And I’m quite fond of having the doormen around to receive my packages. Back in Australia if FedEx arrived and you weren’t there they would take it back to their warehouse. And if you lived in an apartment you most definitely did not have them leave the package in front of your door. But in America, this is quite normal. They must have some sort of honour system about not stealing packages. I know plenty of people who have had packages just left on their doorstep and no one has complained about them going missing. Apparently honour does exist.


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