a little bit closer to nature

Standing on the beach I realised I hadn’t stood on the sand in a really long time; it felt a lot like walking on snow. Driving by rows and rows of trees, I realised all the trees I’d seen recently have all in parks. Driving over cliffs, seeing that blue sky with wisps of white clouds, feeling the wind whip around my face, I felt so close to something that I couldn’t quite place, a feeling like I could just exhale and relax.

I had a great day today; we drove to the beach, ate deep fried clams, did some outlet shopping. My favourite part was learning about how the Salem witch trials all started. It all started with a bunch of girls, playing at witchcraft who ended up in fits of hysteria – walking on all fours, barking, not speaking, seizing. And when they were questioned about theirthey blamed innocent people, claiming that they were the devil’s servants. And this caught on and neighbours would turn on each other. It all started with a bunch of girls in a time when people feared God and the Devil.


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