bring on the new year!

I’m horrible at resolutions. I don’t think I’ve managed to successfully make a resolution that I have kept. Is the purpose of a resolution really just to set ourselves up for failure? Like by setting a goal to give up something makes it even more appealing. Or by saying we’ll do something just creates more excuses? Now that the new year is approaching my inbox is bombarded with coupons for gyms. Magazines are filled with “best gyms” instead of “best restaurants” lists. Is it pessimistic for me to say that most people who make a resolution to go to the gym more or to eat healthy will fail? Gyms make money off the fact that most of these people will fail and will inevitably be back the following year. I would be included in this group of people because when it comes to resolutions I find it simple to break them. I think it’s because there are no consequences to not achieving what I set out to. So this year I am going to not make a resolution.

While they say you can’t win a lottery without buying a lottery ticket, you can save your money and work on something with better odds and make millions in a different way rather than relying on a lottery at all.


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