managing energy levels

The training course I did today was about how to manage your energy levels. There are definitely a few things that I could do differently. Such as:

  • Eat within the first hour after you wake up. Because when you think about it, you have been fasting for about 6-8 hours.
  • You should try to eat something every 4 hours. To all those people who laughed at me I am feeling vindicated! See, you are supposed to eat that often. But this means finding some more interesting snack foods.
  • Instead of dealing with your usual “serving sizes” on the packaging, for each meal just go for 2 handfuls of grains, 2 handfuls of vegies/fruits and one handful of protein. If you want a “want” food such as cake/coke/alcohol you need to take away one of your grain portions. I think this sounds quite practical. But 5 handfuls of food actually works out to be a lot. Limiting the meat portion has always been quite difficult.

3 thoughts on “managing energy levels

  1. Did they talk much about water consumption and breathing deeply? Because, when it comes down to it, you can’t really burn energy without air and water, no matter what you eat.

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